Welcome to Ēdoles Castle.

Ēdoles Castle is known not only as a historical monument but also as a contemporary venue where you can enjoy concerts, exhibitions, and celebrate weddings, creating unforgettable memories in its historical ambiance.

While exploring this remarkable Medieval castle complex, you will not only experience the historical past but also discover a sophisticated restaurant offering dishes made from local produce, inspired by local cultural traditions.

To enhance your unforgettable experience, we invite you to stay in our tastefully decorated and elegantly furnished hotel rooms, where you can fully relax and escape from your daily routine. Our hotel team will ensure your comfort, making every moment at Ēdoles Castle complete and unforgettable.

We are offering You

The permanent exhibition of the Medieval Castle Museum features the following rooms: the White Hall, the Red Hall, the Green Hall, the Library, the Round Room in the Tower, the Children's Toy Room, and a room displaying various exhibitions such as sculptures, antique clocks, chests, as well as special handicrafts and other Medieval castle rooms. Visitors also have the opportunity to climb the renovated castle tower. 

The castle offers a Castle Inn where guests can enjoy delicious meals in a splendid historical atmosphere. 

Fairytale Kingdom
is an exhibition featuring dolls created by the artist Vladlena from Preiļi. This exhibition is dedicated to Latvian fairy tales, including "Velniņi" (Little Devils), "Pasaka par rokām" (The Tale of Hands), "Pasaciņa" (A Little Story), "Sprīdītis" (Sprīdītis), "Skroderdienas Silmačos" (Skroderdienas in Silmači), and a total of 20 beautifully crafted and captivating exhibits that will delight both adults and children. 


Ēdoles Castle offers wedding ceremonies in the castle garden or courtyard, which was featured in the film "Emīla nedarbi" by Riga Film Studio, as well as in the romantic castle rooms (a special hall is set up in the castle). Additionally, catering and accommodation services are provided for your special day. 

Room Rental

You can rent our castle rooms for seminars, conferences, training sessions, and meetings at Ēdoles Castle. We offer a variety of spaces suitable for different types of events. For more information and reservations, please contact us. 


Immerse yourself in history. Experience luxury. An unforgettable oasis of elegance, where the past and present intertwine to provide a magnificent experience and relaxation. 

Are you seeking a royal retreat?

Yes, Ēdoles Castle offers a royal retreat. Our hotel and our dedicated staff will provide you with luxurious services and ensure your comfort, allowing you to fully enjoy your stay. With our elegant rooms, high-quality service, and picturesque surroundings, you will be able to experience a regal vacation and pleasant relaxation.

Customer Experience

~ Pleasantly surprised by the work done. The newlyweds were beautifully decorated in the room. The restaurant is excellent! The castle tour with the superb guide was enchanting! Thank you very much! If you want tranquility and a pleasant atmosphere, I highly recommend it.

- Mārīte

~ Well-spent holiday! One of the best-preserved ancient castles in Latvia! Excellent exhibition. A relatively large part of the castle rooms can be visited!

- Emīls


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