Ēdoles Castle's history

Ēdoles Castle is remarkable for being the only castle built in the Kurzeme Diocese. Construction began as early as 1264, indicating its long-standing significance and influence in the region. This distinguished structure has witnessed military actions, strategic events, and cultural life. It is also home to valuable archaeological discoveries that mark its historical origins.

Initially, the castle had only two floors and an armory in the basement. All residential rooms were located on the second floor. Due to defense considerations, the doors and windows were mainly oriented towards the courtyard, and to access the second-floor rooms, an open gallery extended around the courtyard, connected by stairs.

In the 1830s, eclecticism became the leading architectural style in Europe, incorporating elements from various historical periods. During this time, Ādolfs Verners Bērs, who had traveled extensively and spent a long time in England and Scotland, took over the castle and decided to completely rebuild it as we see it today. He brought in an English architect to oversee the construction. 

The solid complex of the castle reveals a rich historical and architectural heritage. The original castle tower, which holds ancient Greek legends, is visible. The interior is adorned with antique furniture and paintings, reminiscent of the luxury and elegance that prevailed during the Renaissance. 

During the 1905 Revolution, the castle was burned down, with only the ground floor and the tower vaults surviving the fire. Restoration work began in 1906, and the interior restoration lasted until 1911, while the establishment of the courtyard, façade transformation, and castle arrangement continued until 1916. 

To complement this historical experience, the castle organizes various events, exhibitions, concerts, and even offers the opportunity to celebrate weddings, providing a chance to explore the rich cultural heritage. Visitors can also enjoy the landscapes by strolling through the castle garden and the surrounding nature.